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Peridot 0.27 Release Notes

Hello Keepers!

Peridot update 0.27 is now available on the app stores! Update your app to receive these new feature updates. 

What's New:

  • Keeper’s Journey: Keepers will now be able to see upcoming unlocks and rewards for each Keeper level.
  • New Store Items: Can Dots get any cuter? You bet! Check out upcoming Daily Deals and special bundles for Hats, Glasses, Bowties, and more!
  • Breeding Improvement: If you’ve run out of Sundrops for breeding, Keepers can now convert Gemstones to Sundrops instantly!

Known Issues

  • Swapping dots loses all training progress on that Dot
  • Adventure Sync not staying turned on
  • Sundrops spent on breeding fail to get removed from users' total sundrops in store.
  • Devices get heated quickly during the peridot gameplay.
  • Dot fails to detect walls and goes through them while walking.

-The Peridot Team

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