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The Peridot forum has been closed as we have better solutions for collecting feedback and providing support for gameplay issues. To share feedback, please visit the Peridot Official Community in Campfire. To report a bug, please file a ticket in-app via the settings menu.

Welcome to the Peridot Beta Forum! — Peridot Bug Board
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Welcome to the Peridot Beta Forum!


Welcome to the official Peridot Beta Forums, the best place to leave game feedback and to share your thoughts with others! We’re excited to see you all here and look forward to shaping the world of Peridot with you.

You might be asking, “What are Beta Forums?” and let us tell you. It is an exclusive space dedicated to making sure that Peridot can become a magical experience for all, with your help! Here, we encourage you to share your gameplay experiences, creative ideas and feedback throughout Peridot’s early development process. Found a bug in the game that needs to be squashed? Report it here and we will get it on the list!

The Peridot team will also be active on this channel and will occasionally drop into discussions to share our thoughts or provide an answer to a question. Team members will be identifiable by a NianticX username and a Peridot logo. Additionally, you’ll also receive announcements, details on upcoming events and more, all right here on the Beta Forums.

Thanks again for joining us and we look forward to connecting with you!


The Peridot Team