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Peridot 0.29 Release Notes

NianticFiona admin
edited March 2023 in News and Announcements

Hello Keepers!

Peridot update 0.29 is now available on the app stores! Update your app to receive these new feature updates. 

What’s New: 

  • Ever bred a Dot only to find you wanted a different look? Well, now you can! Our ongoing Peridot research has uncovered the ability for Keepers to “Breed Again” before you commit to a new baby Dot!
  • Also, Habitats now have “Multiple Wild Dots!” We aren’t sure why more are appearing but we think it has something to do with more Keepers like you nurturing and breeding Dots.
  • We also improved asset downloads so your app experience is better!

We’re continuing to improve the app for a better, smoother experience. Let us know how we’re doing by rating us in the App Store!

Known Issues:

  • Devices get heated quickly during the peridot gameplay.
  • Wild Dots may sometimes be different for players at the same POI
  • Dots sometimes fail to detect walls and goes through them while walking

-The Peridot Team

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