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Introducing Niantic Social

Niantic Social is now available in Peridot! This feature is intended to enhance your gameplay by allowing you to connect with other Peridot players. You’ll be able to create both group and private messages with others, join public and private communities, share your adorable photos (coming soon!), or host community meetups. We encourage you to be active in your discussions and share your experience and perspective with others.

Please keep in mind that Niantic Social has public components and other players may see what you write. We believe in the spirit of play for everyone, so keep it courteous and fun for all! Avoid sharing any private information (either yours or someone else’s) publicly.

Niantic Social can be accessed from within the Peridot app. Simply tap on the Backpack and select the white chat bubble icon on the top right hand corner of your screen. Next, you will be taken to the Niantic Social app.