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Known Issue: Adventure Sync For Upgraded Guest Accounts — Peridot Bug Board
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Known Issue: Adventure Sync For Upgraded Guest Accounts

NianticFiona admin
edited December 2022 in News and Announcements

Hi Keepers,

There is a known issue with Adventure Sync right now. If you start your account as a Guest Account and then upgrade to an authenticated account (Google, Apple, etc.), you will sometimes be unable to enable Adventure Sync.

What is a Guest Account?

Guest accounts are created when you launch the Peridot app for the first time and select the option to create a Guest Account rather than using your chosen login method to authenticate your account. There is limited play available for Guest accounts, but you can still forage and complete desires with a Guest Account. Guest accounts can be upgraded to an authenticated account in multiple parts of the game (trying to breed, make purchases, enable Adventure Sync, etc.).

Currently there are no workarounds for this, but we are working on a permanent fix. We recommend keeping your Peridot App open when walking if you are experiencing this issue. This will ensure your steps are counted.

Note: If you are having any other Adventure Sync issues not related to this specific case, please create a bug report in the bug report section of this forum and we will investigate.

-The Peridot Team

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