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Peridot 0.21 Release Notes

NianticFiona admin
edited December 2022 in News and Announcements

Hello Keepers!

Peridot update 0.21 is now available on the app stores! Version 0.21 has some improvements and stabilizations.

What’s New:

  • Wind Chimes!
    • Place a Wind Chime at a Habitat to increase breeding success.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Known Issues:

  • Players on Android may experience a magenta color screen upon initially loading the game under certain error conditions. If you experience this, please force restart and re-open the app.
  • When playing Fetch, the toy may become occluded with the nearby objects when the player is idle in Fetch.
  • Different Wild Dots may appear for different Keepers at the same POI during the same time.
  • Baby Dots may not have “Horns” or be identified as a “Ram Archetype” when bred with “Ram Nest.”
  • Foreground walking may undercount distance.
  • Battery drain and devices heating up are a known issue that we’re working to improve.
  • You may occasionally experience soft or hard locks. If it appears your creature or the UI has frozen for a long period of time, you may need to force restart your app to continue playing.

- The Peridot Team

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