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0.25 Release Notes & Gameplay changes

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edited December 2022 in News and Announcements

Hello Keepers!

We wanted to let you know that we’ve concluded our maintenance downtime. You will need to download Peridot update 0.25 – which is now available on the app stores! This latest version has some major game changes and updates! Read on for a quick rundown of what’s new. And for more detailed info and background about why we made these changes, check out our latest Dot-veloper Diary

What’s New: 

  • New breeding system with additional traits and rarity levels
  • Dots now have traits and rarity levels assigned to them, making breeding outcomes more unique and predictable.
  • Dots now have a 100% chance of breeding successfully.
  • Introducing a new currency, Sundrops - for breeding Dots.
  • Keeper level progression rewards, including unlocking the ability to breed for rarer Dot traits
  • The higher level Keeper you achieve, the rarer Dot traits you will be able to unlock. 
  • Daily & Weekly Quests
  • More ways to earn Sundrops and other rewards in gameplay.
  • Tricks
  • Teach your Dot how to do cute tricks such as handshakes, reverse spins, and reverse roll over.

In this update, you’ll also notice some changes to in-game nomenclature. We’ve made these changes in order to make it easier for you to relate the items or purpose of features in the game to their name.

  • Summoning Wisps -> Nests (not to be confused with Nests that were previously used in the breeding system and have been deprecated)
  • Dot XP -> Growth
  • Journeys -> Travels
  • Peridough -> Gemstones
  • Traits -> Personality (not to be confused with Traits that are now used in the breeding system and define the “building blocks” of your Peridots)

You can view past release notes here:


As a thank you for sticking with us as we improve the game, we’ve gifted  all eligible Soft Launch players 5,000 Gemstones to spend however you wish. The gift should be in your inventory when you update and log into your game.

Finally, as a reminder, our team will be hosting a live AMA session with our Lead Game Designer Shaunak, Product Manager Julie, and Senior Producer Ziah to answer any question you may have about these changes or Peridot in general. Come join us on Thursday, November  17th 9am PST in our Campfire channel #peridot-ama. 

-The Peridot team

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