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0.31 Release Preview

NianticFiona admin
edited April 2023 in News and Announcements

Hi Keepers, 

Later this week, we’ll be releasing Peridot version .31, which includes a significant update to the game’s economy and aims to position Peridot as a more social, intimate gaming experience. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:


  • When a Keeper starts playing Peridot for the first time, their first Dot is guaranteed to have one Mythic and one Epic Trait. 
  • Every Dot now displays its unique DNA code! You will find this displayed at the bottom of your Dot’s profile.
  • Keeper XP gain from Quests has been scaled back to 2.5x the rate of that in patch 0.25 (down from 4x)
  • Requirements for Archetypes are visible to players in a new  Archetypes tab (located in the same menu as Desires/Traits).


  • Peridot’s breeding system is now called “Hatch-a-Dot.”
  • Peridots no longer have a single “happiness” meter. They now have two attributes that Keepers will need to monitor: Hunger and Attention. Fulfilling these needs will help its Growth. Completing Desires will also still contribute to a Dot’s Growth.



  • New Keepers will only be granted one free Nest.
  • Note: All current players will keep their existing Nests. We will not be taking anyone’s Nests away.
  • If you are trying to Hatch-a-Dot with another Dot that has Traits you haven’t yet unlocked, the baby Dot will not have a chance at gaining those locked Traits. 
  • However, if Keepers are keen on obtaining a specific locked Trait, they can Hatch-a-Dot using Gemstones to temporarily unlock those Traits for the Hatching instance to get a chance to acquire them. 

Archetype/Trait changes

Cotton Candy

  • Added the “Narwhal” Horn as a requirement
  • Dev Comment: We added the Narwhal Horn to serve as the “Cone” for the Cotton Candy Dots and improve the overall look of the Archetype. 


  • Removed the pastels color requirement
  • Dev Comment: “We removed the Pastels color requirement to allow for a wider range of Unicorn Dots to exist, and not compete with the look of the Cotton Candy Archetype.


  • Removed the green/purple/yellow color requirement
  • Added the “Diamonds” Pattern, “Jester” Horns, and “Ore” Material as requirements
  • Dev Comment: We overhauled the requirements of the Jester Archetype to give it a more cohesive look, incorporating two new Traits and allowing for many colors of Jester dots.


  • Removed “Bubbles” Pattern as a requirement
  • Added “Banana” Pattern, “Matte” Texture as requirements
  • Allowing more shades of Yellow and Green
  • Dev Comment: We removed the “Bubbles” Pattern in favor of the new “Banana” pattern to shift the look of the Banana Archetype from blotchy bananas to fresher, yellow and green bananas. We think this, and the added “Matte” Texture requirement, create a more visually cohesive and readable Banana Archetype.

24 Karat

  • Added “Solid” Pattern as a requirement
  • Dev Comment: We want the shiny gold coloration to be the focal point of the 24 Karat archetype. Requiring it to be solid gold achieves this while leaving the overall shape of the Dot open to interpretation. 

As always, we welcome your feedback and urge you to discuss any thoughts you have in the #game-feedback Campfire channel. Please also continue sharing pictures of your Dots in #AR-photos - we love seeing them!

–The Peridot Team

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