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0.31 Release Notes

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Hello Keepers!

Peridot update 0.31 is now available on the app stores! Update your app to receive these new feature updates. 

New Features: 

  • We can now see a Peridot’s hunger and attention needs, not just their general level of happiness.
  • Each Peridot is 100% unique, and with our recent tech updates, we can now map their unique DNA! Check out each Dot’s unique genetic code on the Dot’s profile page. Try tapping “Share” on your Dot’s profile page and see what happens!
  • We’ve made improvements for new Keepers who haven’t created an account (guests) so they can experience more of Dot-Keeping!
  • Many of you have been asking so we’ve added a device vibration toggle in the settings!
  • We’ve also cleaned up and improved several areas of the app to improve the experience and app performance.

What’s Changed:

  • Removed device support for Pixel 3 & 4.
  • See a full list of supported devices here. 
  • Some archetype definitions have changed and could impact some existing earned archetypes (specifically, Banana, 24K, Jester, and Cotton Candy).

Known Issues

  • Desires are currently not refreshing as intended. At the moment, Desires seem to only be refreshing while the game is open, and time accrued while the game is backgrounded is currently not being counted.
  • There are a few issues with Dots in the Teen and Adult phase:
  • Your Dot may be appear "stuck" or frozen on your Dot's info screen.
  • It may look like your Dot is not receiving Growth in the Teen and Adult phases. They are receiving Growth and this is simply a display error. Once their Growth level crosses a certain threshold, their Growth meter will fill as expected.

-The Peridot Team

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